Selecting a sober living home for alcoholism and drug abuse recovery may be one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. Not all sober living homes are the same and most of us don't know what to look for in a quality residential environment.

The goal...

A sober living home can be the ideal transition arrangement after someone has finished a drug rehab program. It allows them to adjust to everything they have learned while still having some familiar aspects of a sober environment.

Not everyone is ready to go from rehab straight home, and doing so might put some people's sobriety in jeopardy.

The benefits of sober living allow a person to get a sense of what a real sober lifestyle is like outside the walls of rehab. Real life responsibilities, accountability, social norms, and cooperation are all there with sober living.

For someone just getting out of rehab, the benefits of sober living are invaluable.

Must haves for Sober Living

  • Licensed with state agency
  • Zero Tolerence for Drugs and Alcohol
  • Manager on duty
  • Residents are active
  • Near major transportation
  • No over crowding
  • Activities nearby

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How it Works?

Here's how a sober living home works. Residents pay rent and utilities, much like they would with a private residence.

They also share responsibility for taking care of the property, making meals, and maintaining a socially decent living environment. Of course, since this is not complete independent living, residents need to adhere to some basic rules.

No drugs or alcohol is allowed, and medications with addictive properties are also typically banned.

Also, many homes strongly discourage (or prohibit) romantic relationships between residents. Guests are also generally limited, keeping the home a safe place with limited distractions.

Sober Pacific Living Recommendations

12 Step Meetings and 12 Step Anonymous Groups


Sober Pacific Living


Executive Sober Living


Catalina House for Women


Higher Power Heals

Costs of Sober Living

Many feel that their resources are tapped out, after paying for drug and alcohol rehab. There are resources for covering sober living costs such as insurance, grants, sliding scale payments, payment plans.

High quality sober living homes include room and board. Part of your monthly payment will go toward the grocery bill for the house and other incidentals like paper towels and cleaning supplies. You may be expected to participate is a household community chore rotation to cook dinner and maintain the house cleanliness for the sober living home once or twice a week and show up to house meetings.

Don't be alarmed. These are the same costs you would incur at any home, so the increase in cost over your regular rent and grocery bills are minimal.

The payoff is never coming home to find alcohol in the kitchen or drugs on the coffee table, roommates who are intoxicated or house guests who are loaded. Your sober living home will be a safe zone that is temptation free.

This means that you won't be spending money on alcohol and drugs, you won't be spending money on property damage or calls to the police due to bad behavior of yourself or your housemates under the influence. No legal fees incurred.

Just a quiet, safe place that allows you to focus on yourself and your health as a build a new life for yourself.

Sober Living Resources

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substance-abuse-addiction-recovery-sober-pacific-living-orange-county-california Where to Live Sober

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...beyond Sober Living

After leaving a Sober Living Home, there are a few points that will get you started on your new journey as a recovered person.

  • Find sober friends because addictions often stimulated through the influence of other people.

  • Evaluate the neighborhood, and move if needed .For some people, the old neighborhood contains many reminders about substance use and abuse.

  • Follow-up appointments as these will change when the care provided becomes less and less intense until the person is handling sobriety alone, without assistance.

  • Improve mental, physical and spiritual health.Returning to an old routine can bring stress and anxiety, especially if people are dealing with an intense craving for alcohol or drugs, and it can be easy to focus on the negativity. Eating natural foods, replenish the nutrients depleted from the body, while preparing it for some normal physical routines i.e. daily walks, yoga or active exercises and leads into a better place spiritually for prayers and meditations.

  • Find a support group or volunteer in a charitable system.In a support group, people are still learning about addiction. Volunteering allows the work and progress of recovered person to not think of themselves in every situation, but think, feel and act, which is sharing with another person.